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Words for Mr. Sanjay Khare

First of all Sanjay Khare sir lecture was a treat for us. It was the most amazing lecture workshop I have attended ever. His lecture made me think more over my career, my assignments, my future, and my present. "It was so inspiring that I want to show what I feel" about your lecture in your style only:
"Simple but difficult, Simple is very difficult"

Sanjay Khare sir is a great personality. We all students are very lucky that, we got an opportunity to attend his lecture. He communicated with us like a friend. He shared his own thought and experiences. He thought us how to think over on topic by simple thought and unique ways. We are grateful to him for his valuable time.
- Bhakti M. Toraskar(2nd yr. V & C Art, Aft. batch)

Lots of Respect and Gratitude in heart for a person with so much knowledge and experience, Mr. Sanjay Khare a big thank you to share us your knowledge and guide us towards different and thoughtful afternoon spent with your wards and ideas was worth a change in life.
- Kajol Shah (2nd yr. V & C Art, Aft. batch)

The lecture of Mr. Sanjay Khare was very motivating. His way of getting interacted with students by asking few questions and giving a chocolate for a correct answer was very unique and amazing. Not only me as a student’s allowing with our faculty we all learned few things from him. I would say it was our luck that we have got few hours to spend with him. I and my friends would like to thanks Mr. Khare for their speech
- Akshaya. P Ghadi (2nd yr. V & C Art, Aft. batch)

It was a motivational lecture, it made not only me but each and every person sitting there so very firm and more serious about their careers/future. I am really glad I got opportunity to attend your lecture. Life time experience.L Rocks!!!!
- Mehal Gala (2nd yr. V & C Art, Morn. Batch)

We Learn Lots of new things and ideas that how to increase your visualization and creativity and layout. I Like sir’s attitude and his own style. Like providing chocolate and asking question. If we don’t understand anything again and again ask question. I LIKE his own tag line:- Simple Is Always Difficult ………….
- Suryaprakash Varma (2nd yr. V & C Art, Aft. batch)

An very humble and down to earth, full of gratitude in simple words a person with an amazing personality. Mr. Sanjay Khare’s lecture is an experience of a lifetime. Such a successful person with a huge experience of advertising and communication but explains his views to each and every person present in the hall and make sure that he/she understands it. His presentation was revealing his efforts to make it simple for the people to understand and grasp easily. The logic of him making every one wear the “L” batch states as below: it means L board of a learner like a drivers learning board. It’s because he makes us believe in this philosophy a lot that’s why I would suggest to the students. Take it in a positive way. When you are learning your senses are open and mind is receptive. You are open for suggestive but once you think I have learnt a lot or gained enough knowledge that’s the end, as our mind start reacting and we close our senses firmly believe in our logic. This may be right sometime but should be without ego as it’s very harmful in all means. I would be highly obliged to thank Mr. Sanjay Khare for sharing his experience and teaching us new method of living life and the way of communication.
- Bipin V. More (2nd year class in charge)

Mr. Sanjay Khare, shares 25 years of experience with power of creative thinking. Mr. Khare has picked up 51 national level and 3 international awards. Interacted with students how to develop power of creative thinking & what difference it makes. Also he shares his experience about power of typography. Both the sessions got fantastic response from students. Sharing after 25 yrs. experience still how I am learning and how learning process is important. Let’s hope this will help students in their academic and also in professional life.
- Mr. Ravi Patole HOD, V & C Art.
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