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Professional Digital Filmmaking

Main Subjects

  •   Direction

  •   Cinematography

  •   Editing

  •   Scriptwriting
  •   Sound Design
  •   Production


The Universal Language

We are living in an age dominated by the moving image and a world with one culture. Films are not limited to entertainment, but almost every aspect of our lives is being covered by them from education through health to business. The advent of digital technology has made it more accessible for everyone- not just as a consumer, but as a maker.

Here at the Department of Digital Filmmaking, we have carefully developed a curriculum based on experience that guides you to learn this magnificent medium.

Course Activities


  •   Short Film

  •   Documentary Film

  •   Ad Film

  •   Song Video

  •   Promo Editing

Guest Lectures

Duration and Timings

  •   1 Year
  •   5 days a week
  •   5 hours a day
  •   Monday to Friday 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday
  •   08:00 am to 1:00 pm

Expert Jury Panel


  •   Minimum HSC (passed).

  •   If only attempted, special skills in dramatics, photography etc may be considered.

Success Stories


Students' Short Film Posters

Admission open for 2018-2019
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